You will need to buy a ticket to get access to the exciting games of the tournament.

For the first time it is possible to buy a ticket for the whole weekend, with a discount.
NOTE - This 3-day ticket can only be purchased online.

You can still buy tickets for each day separately, and you can buy these either online or at the venue (where we accept only cash or payment via mobilepay).

NOTE - When you have purchased a ticket you will receive a mail with that ticket. BUT you will also receive a mail from Paypal with a request for payment. Your ticket is NOT valid until that payment has been completed.

NOTE - please also note that you have to use Danish postal code and city when you order the tickets, even if you are not living in Denmark. We recommend you use postal code 2770 and city Kastrup

You can find link for the webshop here:


1-Day ticket;
35 DKK / 5 EUR / 50 SEK

3-Day ticket;
85 DKK / 12 EUR / 120 SEK

Free access for all children below the age of 7.

Cash and Mobilepay only accepted for purchase at the venue (marked with red on the picture)

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